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Issue from 27/06/2022 - Resolved.

10:42: Network are continuing to investigate this issue. The technical team have seen where the issue is occurring. As soon as we have this confirmed we will update the our status accordingly.

10:44: The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

10:48: A fix has been applied and the we are monitoring the outbound calling services across the platform.

10:56: The incident has been resolved. We will post a short technical statement on this status page with the next hour.

Network Postmortem: At 10:24AM, we started receiving reports of outbound call issues. This was immediately escalated to the operations team and CTO. Investigations began immediately, and the issue -  caused by a faulty database instance in a high availability database cluster responsible for SIP account authentication - was resolved at 10:41AM.

This database contains sip account credentials, and is used for server and customer authentication for placing outbound calls. Although monitoring as well as health checks within AWS did not show any issues with this cluster, one of the server instances was returning invalid username/­password on connection requests. The issue was resolved by rebooting this instance within the cluster.

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