We have received a number of calls and emails from our customers concerned because they are being told ISDN and Analogue lines will be turned off next year and they need to switch to VoIP (known as SIP Trunks) lines or replace their existing telephone system and switch to a cloud (hosted) solution.  THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE you don’t have to make a quick decision, however, you should consider options going forward before the transition occurs.  It’s a sales tactic!

These changes will also impact broadband products such as ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC and GFAST services which are reliant on an Analogue Telephone Line for delivery.

You don’t need to rush and move from current lines, however, you need to consider your options moving forward if you are still using any of the services that will cease.

This also applies to your telephone system or other products reliant on these services.  If your system was purchased or leased within the last four to five years it is very likely it is already VoIP or VoIP capable.  This means you can add the VoIP connectivity onto your existing system via a simple software or hardware addition removing the need for a wholesale change to a new platform or a cloud (hosted) solution.

If you require any additional information or wish to discuss the “switch off” and moving to VoIP, either in the Cloud or an on premise solution, please give us a call or drop us an email.

Abbey offer a range of VoIP solutions both “on premise” and “cloud based” and would be happy to help and offer advice with options covering the best solution for your business which may be “don’t do anything for now”.

To conclude, don’t be duped into making a quick decision re VoIP and switching because you may need to switch again.  You don’t need to make a quick decision because there is enough time to make the correct one.


Andy Wilson